snaps for Jo

Well, Jo didn’t win her pageant. But she did an incredible job! She was poised, polished, and well-spoken, and she looked awesome in her swimsuit. Which is always a plus. 🙂 I’ll have to try to post some pictures from the footage I took. Unfortunately she messed up on her talent–we think that is what lost it for her. Because she did an absolutely incredible job the rest of the pageant.
The beach today was fun, too. We just fried ourselves for a while. See, this way, when we’re old we’ll be all wrinkled and then we’ll LOOK old, like we’re supposed to. At least, that’s the theory according to AJ. And I like that theory! We had fun frying like fish in our own fat. Ok, so we lead boring lives. At least, I do. And all I can think is….for the rest of the summer, everyone else will be getting tanner and tanner, and I’ll be in hose and dress clothes. NOT a happy thought. Of course, I won’t mind once I get into it. It’s the anticipation that kills me. Which reminds me…I need to pack tomorrow. Erg.
Oh, we got a letter from Jared yesterday. We were so excited! He has changed a lot already. I was just getting over missing him…and now I’ve got to get used to it all over again. But I’ll be gone, so maybe it won’t be too hard. And also since I will be gone, this thing may not get updated for a while. I’m not sure how often I will be able to access high-speed internet. And perish the thought of using anything else!


~ by wildeyedwonder on July 26, 2003.

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